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Welcome to MD Rate Review. Your sophisticated source for CMS Telehealth policies and billing codes. Get the latest on Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring, CCM, TCM, and Telemedicine (Behavioral and Non-Behavioral).
This Site is dedicated to Doctors, Clincs, ACOs, Billers, or anyone who is interested applying technology to healthcare.

  1. CPT 99453 (one time install of telemonitoring device and patient education)                     
  2. CPT 99454 (ongoing supply of telemonitoring device(s) and physiological transmittals each 30 days)
  3. CPT 99457 (monitoring and treatment management services / clinical/QHCP interaction with patient, 20-min in calendar month)

Remote Patient Monitoring aka Telemonitoring is a new yet rapidly growing segment of the Health Care Industry. Most recently adopted by CMS and Medicare, Telemonitoring is prime for mass scale and adoption across the United States. The following players are one's to keep an eye on as they strive to reduce costs and improve patient care with technology. The following are companies we have found to stand out. 

1. accuhealth.
2. Vivify
3. Alayacare
4. Foracare
5. Coordination Centric

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